Avinashi Temple

I was taken by Dr.Muguganathan to a famous Hindu temple Avanashi. This is a destination for many people. At first I thought that it was very more of a shrine but actually it is the local temple as well. Dr. Munuganathans brother is the lay Chairman of the temple which is very similar to religious institution. The temple was dramatic. A thousand years old with inner courtyards that had inner courtyards. Just before I left for India I read a book about India (as if a singe book can give any real justice to anything- like “I read a book about the US before I went there.” At least the book was heavy on an introduction to Hinduism. Prior to this trip I knew little about Hinduism. I see now there are no excuses for knowing little about something so important and present in the world. Hindusim has been around nearly 4 thousand years. Ira Kirschenbaum, a little over 53. What took me so long to open an eye. That really does happen to us sometimes. We wonder what I life was like before we now know this other thing is there. Before a change. There is no conversion going on here just another piece of knowledge of something else out there that is now part of me.
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