Summer Undergraduate Fellowship

An intensive and exciting program exploring clinical, business, and information technology aspects of the delivery of high-level orthopaedic surgical care in urban settings. This balanced learning and work internship affords premedical students to explore the wide range of disciplines that surround the care of patients undergoing the highest levels of surgical care.

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Rising junior and senior college students are invited to take advantage of a 8-week paid internship program. Students engage in interactive real-life learning covering the topics: Evaluation and management in the outpatient setting, intraoperative techniques, research design, data analysis, and medical presentations. As part of the internship, students work directly with staff surgeons where they gain hands-on experience related to daily issues as well as health policy concerns. They will have the opportunity to engage in research projects, which will reinforce students' research skills. Students have an opportunity to present their work to Departmental Grand Rounds at the end of the internship experience.
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The fellowship is in the summers. Usually it starts the first week in June- the first Monday. For each year the start date is the first Monday inJune. The official end is a minimum of 8 weeks after. Students are allowed to stay on if they want.
Yes, the fellowship awards $2,000.00 for the 8-weeks. Every additional week spent is @ $250.00/week.
You are assigned a new specialty at regular intervals. Through the summer, weekly there will be educational lectures aside from the observership. You will also be assigned a research project
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