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From the introduction...

In his first passage in this classic treatise, Sun Tzu writes that “Military action is important to the nation- it is the ground of death and life, the path of survival and destruction, so it is imperative to examine it.”

One could substitute the word “healthcare” for “military” and the passage would say enough about the reasons to analyze healthcare as an industry. Healthcare is clearly important to the strength of our nation and addresses the ground on which we deal with both death and life on a daily basis. The way we value, administer, and manage healthcare leads us as individuals and as a nation toward either survival or destruction; if we don’t work together in solving the nation’s ills and constantly improve our healthcare system, we will be unable to function as communities. This is why it is absolutely crucial we examine healthcare as a crux of our nation’s well being. A thoughtful and planned approach to healthcare- similar to how Sun Tzu considers military approaches, is required in the healthcare arena.

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