A Most Remarkable Hospital

On the morning of the last day in India I went to a superb and highly efficient and modern Orthopaedic hospital in the world.

Ganga Hospital in Coimbatore started with humble family beginnings in the early 1970’s. The father of the current head of the hospital (Dr. Rajasekaram) started this private hospital that now has over 400 beds dedicated to Orthopaedics and Plastic Surgery. Over 4000 major procedures are done here. India has a massively growing middle class and don’t be fooled by the word private. It is private only in that it is fully owned and run by a large family. It serves a large number of people with remarkable skill and dedication. India has a growing middle class that chooses to go to hospitals like this (the wealthy choose this hospital as well).

There was a 150 seat academic auditorium and dedicated support staff. If I had one regret on this trip to India was not extending the trip 8 more hours to spend time with this remarkable orthopaedic staff and hospital. As it turns out it was only after all my reservations were done that a social connection was made with Dr. Rajasekaram and all I was able to do was attend Grand Rounds in the morning where I had the honor of giving a lecture.

Even in that brief time I was humbled by the remarkable accomplishments of Dr. Rajakumar and his brother growing on the deep foundation started by their father. The entire family is involved n the management and they serve the family of man with distinction and honor.
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